Our most popular service, RelicateMATCH is a unique resource designed around the needs of custom upholstery shops. When you request a RelicateMATCH, we are creating a one-off hide that will match color, grain and/or sheen of whatever you provide.

We most often receive spray-out cards so your customer can have leather that matches the paint on their car. We also frequently receive other leather and vinyl samples to match for various reasons. Common situations are: 1. You need to match existing or OEM leather that is remaining in the car when not doing a full interior. 2. You have a repair job and can not find the original leather. 3. You are doing a leather/vinyl combo and can not find leather to match your vinyl. 4. You are doing a period correct restoration and need leather exactly as it originally was.

Best of all, a RelicateMATCH has a one hide minimum and a quick turnaround time. Below are some examples of recent RelicateMATCH projects.

Custom Yellow Match

A metallic PPG paint spray-out card was sent for a RelicateMATCH. This matte natural grain leather was named Bumble Bee Yellow.

Custom Grain

We were sent this natural grain swatch that our customer wanted matched in a heavier grain. Elk grain was used and the color was named Aloe Thorn.

Metallic Yellow Match

A paint spray-out was matched in a matte natural grain leather named Rise and Shine.


Two-Tone Match

Our client needed to upholster just a bench seat, while other parts in the interior remained the original colors.  A good excuse for a RelicateMATCH!

Metallic Paint Match

Another unique blue spray-out card came our way to match for some custom Relicate leather. This one we called Cabana Blue. 


PPG Paint Match

We love receiving PPG spray-out cards! This client could not find a blue leather out of a stock book, so came to us for a custom made hide. Our minimum is one hide!

Toyota Paint Match

This spray-out is a late model Toyota color called Light Green Poly...a unique color not found in any stock leather lines...a perfect opportunity for a Relicate Match!


Two-Tone Match


Compton Custom Interiors sent us two spray-out cards to match for a two-tone leather interior. They choose to go with our Natural Grain Leather with a matte sheen. We love green interiors!

Vette Metallic Blue Match


Dave at Customs By Vos sent us a piece of leather to match from a 1964 Corvette. Take a look at the top piece of leather that was sent. This is an example of leather that has not been drum dyed to match the pigmented top coat. All Relicate made-to-order leather is drum dyed (also referred to as vat dyed) to closely match the pigmented top coat.


GTO Metallic


Shane at Cassin Customizing sent us a vinyl sample from a 1967 Pontiac GTO. The leather received our "Fine Pebble Grain" with a color and sheen match to the sample provided.

Paint match


Shane at Cassin Customizing sent us this grill vent for a custom color matched leather. A 1954 Chevrolet Bel Air will be the recipient of made-to-order European cowhide proudly made in the USA!


1961 Maserati


ThreadWorx Auto provided us with a swatch to match for leather going in a 1961 Maserati 3500 GT Vignale Spyder. Natural Grain leather was made with a super smooth finish.

1948 Chrysler Town & Country


Sean at Fat Lucky's sent us a piece of vinyl to match for a 1948 Chrysler Town & Country convertible interior. Natural Grain leather was made and finished with an extra smooth surface.


Anti-Soiling Finish


This was a RelicateMATCH to a paint sample with a twist. We applied an anti-soiling treatment to the white leather that reduces the tendency for soiling, makes cleaning easier and increases abrasion resistance. This is the same technology OEM's are using on lighter colored leather in some higher end cars. Check out the finished interior here.

Mercedes Match


This 1984 Mercedes-Benz 500 SEC owner sent us an armrest for a grain, sheen and color match. He informed us the 1979 to 1985 Mercedes Benz blue leather is not available per the Mercedes Classic Center in California. The result is custom made Mercedes 252 Blue Leather! 


Porsche 911 Carrera Match


What a unique color! An owner of a 1976 Porsche 911 Turbo Carrera sent us a sample for a custom, color matched hide. We also matched the heavy grain and sheen. 

Ferrari Blu Medio Match


Sometimes cars go straight from the dealer floor to be customized. This was the case with a 2016 Ferrari 458 Speciale A (Aperta). Because the car was so new, factory leather was not available for custom modifications the owner wanted made to the front bucket seats. That's where we came into service for Shine Auto Salon! Check out the finished interior here.


Porsche 911 Match


Jesse at All Stitched Out has a new client who does Porsche restorations. We are helping him make a splash with a RelicateMATCH to an OEM cushion he sent us. This grain was quite unique, but with hundreds of embossing plates, chances are we have a great match!

Allante Vinyl Match


This was a color, grain, and sheen match to the popular Allante Vinyl. The color name of the vinyl is Espresso PRO-695.


Spray-out Match


Here is our most recent match to a PPG spray-out card. This one is for Compton Custom Interiors. The color is called Copper Tone.

Wipe Vinyl Match


This vinyl match is called a wipe or wipe-off. A darker color was hand applied over a lighter color onto the entire surface of the hide. The darker color is then wiped off the tops of the grain, leaving the darker color in the lower valleys. What results is a beautiful, two tone hand-crafted piece of leather.


Vinyl Top Material Match


Bill from South City Rod & Custom sent us this vinyl top material for a '40 Ford that's going to the Grand National Roadster Show. The bright white was matched along with the desired smooth grain and high sheen. Chris Plante of Plante Interior Co. handled the upholstery.

Leather Match


Dan at DJ Designs needed a match to a leather from another company but with a smoother grain and higher quality. No problem! 


Vinyl Match for Packard


Brad Wurzbacher of Stitch & Stereo sent us a piece of vinyl that he needed matched for a leather/vinyl Packard interior. We did an exact match on color and sheen and embossed the leather with our "Fine Pebble" grain.

Match for Restoration


Harold at Vos Upholstery needed custom hides made to match factory leather in a '58 Caddy. In doing so, we also updated the brown veg-tanned crust to an aniline drum dyed leather. The result is a softer leather that won't show a different color under the finish coat years down the road. 


Metallic Silver Leather


A perfect application for a RelicateMATCH, this job involved matching a silver metallic paint for a corvette interior. John says "...the metallic silver leather we just got from you is some of the best leather I have ever seen." 

Porsche Vinyl Match


A customer from the Philippines who restores classic Porsches needed a vinyl match. We matched color and sheen of the provided vinyl sample with a smooth, natural grain finish... just in time for the Tour de Cebu!


Vinyl Match


Zach at Branham's Custom Trim needed a vinyl match for a '66 Cadillac interior. He also ordered matching dimpled leather which gives a similar look to the OEM leather. This color was named Merlot Red.  

BMW Yas Marina Paint Match


This is the second BMW paint color we have matched for ESH Upholstering who makes BMW's even better by bringing more of these beautiful colors into the interior. Check out the Sahkir Orange we color matched here. This blue is called Yas Marina Blue. 


Pebble Beach Delahaye


Master Upholstery came to us for a custom leather to be used in the eventual Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance Best-in-Class 1937 Delahaye Cabriolet. Relicate was sent a swatch to match for color but with a heavier grain desired. The result was this one-off leather on a pebble embossed European cowhide. The blue-grey leather color was aptly named “Delahaye Beach.”

Aussie Match


Cam from NCCT in Australia had a customer that wanted a distressed leather based on the color of a WilsonArt® laminate counter-top sample. We went down to our local kitchen supplier, got a sample, and went to town! 


Pontiac Match


Kaze Williams of The Trim Den was in need of factory matches to a two-tone interior found in a 1955 Pontiac Safari wagon. Kaze will be doing a full restoration job on this interior with leather that perfectly match what the Pontiac came with from the factory.

Porsche Match


Emory Motorsports sent us the small piece of leather seen in the photo from a pair of 356 GT seats. We matched color, grain and sheen as seen in the sample pictured. We also sourced the 300 SL Tartan fabric for them.  Rod says, "After months of trying to match a certain grain and color with a number of other sources, Josh at Relicate came through." Thanks Rod!


OEM Match


To make the Jeep® Grand Cherokee SRT-8 that much sweeter, a JPM Coachworks customer wanted to upgrade his driver side seat. JPM sent us a factory headrest to match. Once the new seat is installed, it will look like it came from the factory with an upgraded seat option!

MINI Orange


Jerry from Showtime Audio in Chicago sent us a painted hood latch to match for a custom hide he needed of for a ’78 Mini Cooper custom interior. He choose to go with our OEM grain with a medium sheen.


American Quality


In this Relicate Match, a piece of leather was sent to us that was from an unknown origin, so American Speed Co. needed it made. In the above photo, the piece of leather on the top is what was sent to us. Notice how the color of the crust is different than the topcoat. That's a sign of cost-cutting so multiple colors can be made with the same crust. Our leather crust is dyed to match the topcoat one order at a time. That's American quality!

Cadillac Match


Sergio Rivero had a customer with a Cadillac Escalade that wanted the middle row of seating removed and replaced with motorized bucket seats. Relicate was sent a headrest to match. The OEM leather has a very subtle two-tone antique effect that we were able to replicate, as well as overall color and sheen. This Natural Grain Antique was named Dark Caramel.


Vinyl Match


Just like OEM's, aftermarket automotive upholsterers use leather and vinyl combinations to reduce cost. The challenge for trimmers is finding a good match. Not a problem any longer. Dan simply sent us a piece of vinyl and we made the leather to match.

Squarebody C10 Match


To coordinate with his two-tone paint job, Jeff Volker needed leather to match his paint. For one of the colors, he sent us a painted panel to match, and for the other color, we matched a swatch from another company. Jeff now has one-off hides for his fully custom squarebody C10.


61 Mercedes 190 SL Match


Concourse Quality describes this interior restoration being performed by Scott Z at Sew It Seams. This is a match to the factory leather in a 1961 Mercedes 190 SL.

Leather Match for Repair Job


One of Scott Zielinski's repeat customers brought him an Auburn Boattail that needed the seat repaired. Scott sent us a pull grab from the car to match. It had a subtle two-tone effect to it that was duplicated in a Natural Grain Antique cowhide.


Vinyl Match


Chris McClintock does a lot of motorcycle seats and likes the look of Allante vinyl. He could never find a leather that looked similar for when his customers wanted "the real stuff." No problem Chris. We made it for him and aptly named it Bux Black! Its got a matte finish and a grain that matches the vinyl.

Gloss to Matte Color Match


PPG Spray-out cards are a common sight around here. This one was a gloss yellow and Scott from Sew It Seams required a matte leather...tricky, but that's what we do! What you see here is Natural Grain cowhide in a custom color named Bright Sun.


Unprotected to Protected


We received this swatch to match for a Bruce Canepa Porsche 959. The catch was the swatch was a natural, unprotected leather and Canepa wanted a protected version that would resist staining and color fade in natural light. A Natural Grain Antiqued version called Cherry Wood was made that mimicked the variation in color of the original sample provided.

2015 Great8 Paint Match


One of the 2015 Detroit Autorama Great8 cars was Big Oak Garage's Dodge Dart SL trimmed by M&M Hot Rod Interiors. Pam & Wayne needed an exact match to a reddish-orange pin-stripe and accent color that was on the Dart. After they scoured their swatch cards, they called Relicate. We delivered this Natural Grain hide just in time for the show!


Vinyl Match


A vinyl/leather combo in automotive interiors are a coming way to help your customers meet a budget. John from Sullivan Upholstery came to us wanting an off-white vinyl matched in leather. When John received the custom strike-off for approval, he said he had never seen a better vinyl/leather match. Thank you for the compliments John!

Metallic Paint Match


Joel Shusta came to Relicate needing leather that would match his customer's metallic paint. Matching metallic paint is particularly challenging because the color changes depending on the angle you look at it. A happy medium must be carefully chosen. What resulted was this Natural Grain Relicate Match that was named Oceans End.


'Back Order' Match


Daniel Williams found himself in a tough spot when he needed another hide of a leather he ordered from another company, only to find out it had been "indefinitely" back ordered! Daniel gave us a call and we were able to make him what he needed so he could finish his job.